FAO Congratulates 2024 Research Competition Award Winners

ORLANDO, FL: The Florida Academy of Osteopathy (FAO) would like to extend a big Congratulations to the following who were honored with awards during the FAO 2024 Annual Reseach Competition.


FIRST PLACE: “Current Usage and Effects of OMT in the Military: A Scoping Review”.

Authors: Healther Lumley OMS-III, Philip Dainty OMS-III, Nozimakhon Omunullaeva OMS-I, Joseph Paquette OMS-III, Jack Stensland OMS-II, Kelsey Reindel DO.

SECOND PLACE: “Effectiveness of Mitigating Pain in Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Using Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials”.

Authors: Blake Delgadillo OMS-III, Audrey Bui OMS-III, Alyssa Debski OMS-III, Brooke Miller OMS-III, Shan Shan Wu DO.


FIRST PLACE: “An Osteopathic Strategy for the Recognition and Management of Cervicogenic Vertigo”.

Authors: Lily Rundquist OMS-III, Susana Shih OMS-III, Mark Sandhouse DO, MS

SECOND PLACE: “No Needles, just PINS: An Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Technique in an Atypical Case of Occipital Neuralgia”.

Authors: Danielle Broussard OMS-III, Dylan Pietrantoni OMS-III, Holly Waters, DO, MS

SECOND PLACE (tie): “Approaching Eyelid Myokymia Through the Lens of Osteopathy”.

Authors: Susana Shih OMS-III, Lily Rundquist OMS-III, Yasmin Qureshi DO (AUS), DPT, EdD

THIRD PLACE: “Fibromyalgia Freedom: Unlocking the Osteopathic Potential to Enhancing the Quality of Life”.

Authors: Asha Kurien OMS-III, Nicole Schneider OMS-III, Patrick Barry DO, Yasmin Qureshi DPT, EdD, MHS (osteo)